{Deciding} When It’s Time to Get Serious

Tonight was one of those nights.  I left work, gathered up my kiddo and we decided to do a quick stop at the gym.  My plan was just a quick three miles.  I will admit that I did no working out on Saturday or Sunday, so I needed to do a little something to at least make me feel human.  Fast forward…

Get to the gym.

Check in.

Drop off kiddo at the kiddo room.  (Which he’s obsessed with, by the way.)

Head to locker room.

Unpack bag… insert foreboding music.

Unpack bag again, there have got to be regular socks in here. My bag is always packed for everything. Ugh, where are those socks.  I have two pair of mismatched tall socks.  No short socks.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m typically happy to rock the tall socks, but I don’t usually at the gym.  For one they’re hot.  And for two, without being at a race, there aren’t as many runner types, and the gym types usually look at me funny.  While at the gym, I just want to blend.

Unpack bag for third time.  No short socks.

RFTC Socks

Decision time.  I woke up with morning with a scratch throat.  It’s not gotten better all day.  This was the perfect excuse to repack my bag, gather up my kiddo and head home.  Decision time.  As I looked at my stuff and thought about the possibility that I may be sick sick later this week, I decided to don the socks and hit the treadmill for those three planned miles.  I figured I could bear the funny looks and the heat for three miles right?  And I did.  I struggled a little as I guess I really am not feeling all that great.  But I ran three miles, gathered up kiddo (who yelled at me for not letting him play long enough), and headed out the door.

As we were driving I thought about it.  The whole process.  The decision-making process that affects our workouts each and every day.  Maybe you don’t feel well.  Maybe you’re missing your socks. Maybe it means that you have to get up a half hour early or that dinner will be delayed by 30 minutes.  Each time that we head out that door, into the gym, or wherever we go to get the workout in, we are making conscious decisions.  We are deciding to make time to do the training, to make the commitment to ourselves, to follow through with what we started.

I know, just as you all do, that it is easy to decide to throw in the towel.  It is easy to opt for that extra sleep, extra piece of pizza, and the list goes on.  But, I’m encouraging you, as well as myself to make the right decision for you.  Decide to make the time even on the days that it’s hard or you don’t have the right clothes with you.  I promise that you won’t regret it.  Because as much as I felt silly and a little sluggish today, I felt 100 times better when I finished than I had when I started.  So, let’s decide together to commit to ourselves and commit to getting it done and feeling awesome together.

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4 Responses to {Deciding} When It’s Time to Get Serious

  1. Virginia says:

    Good for you! There are so many times that it is hard to “force” it, but it is always worth it. You are an inspiration for your son. Way to go!!

    • Sarah F says:

      Thanks Virginia! Looks like we had a similar sort of decision yesterday! Whether to tough it out or throw in the towel. I think we both did just fine. 😉

  2. Patti says:

    I felt that way last night when I had a swim scheduled but the pool doesn’t open until an hour and a half after I get home from work. I put my jammies on, sat around for about 15 minutes and then told myself there was no way I was not going to swim in a nice warm pool because my nice heated car had to drive through cold air to get there. Got it done.

    But yeah, I totally blew off this morning’s run. Go figure!

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