Biking it out

I’m going to do a little ode to biking and cross my fingers that it helps  me to find a tri bike in the next few months.  As I indicated last week, I’ve started an indoor cycling class for the next several weeks that hopefully will increase my cadence and power on the bike.  I’m going to take the coaches advice and try to phrase my biking difficulties more positively.  I am working on my power on the bike.  I just generally lag behind and I can’t seem to find a way to get faster.  I could say that but I could also say that maybe I don’t spend enough time on the bike.  Ok, ok, I know at least a few of my training peeps are nodding their head in agreement about the I don’t spend enough time on the bike piece.  So, my goal in 2013 is to change that.

photo(8)The big daddy power trainer

My goal as of right now is to attend the class at elevate every week without a miss, one spin class a week and one at home trainer ride.  I should be able to handle this.  Last night we worked hard on cadence and then transferred into hill work.  Oh the hill work.  I have to tell you that pedaling at a slow and painful cadence of 55-60 rpm’s hurts for five minutes at a time.  But as they say, you’ve got to learn to love the burn.  Or as the hecklers said last night, it hurts so good.

photo(7)There I am, tucked in the back beside the hecklers!

But, despite the hard work, I hung in there last night and truthfully could have kept going if I had to.  It helped that I had the “rowdy kids” in my class and with all the jokes and comments there was lots of distraction to keep from concentrating on just riding the bike.  I am hoping that if I stick with it, I can see a big improvement in my bike leg of triathlon this year.

On top of that, I am on the big time hunt for a tri bike.  I’m hoping to find a used one in great condition that I can scoop up for a great price, but I’m finding that unless you’re a tall dude, it’s tough to find them out there.  I need a little one for a short me and I’ve only found a few and they’ve either been too far away or they’ve been sold already.  I have my nose to the grind stone and I hope to get moving on this.  I am confident after talking to lots of people, that this is the move that I want to make.  So with the power of the time on the bike and hopefully the switch to a new ride soon, I’m coming.  I just keep IMLT in my sights and know that I’m coming.


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5 Responses to Biking it out

  1. Kelly says:

    Im pretty sure I found your blog through Swim Bike Mom but do you know about ? They have used tri gear (bikes too)! Good Luck!

  2. Virginia says:

    Found your blog through SwimBikeMom (my post as SwimBikeKid). I have never seen an indoor cycling class that uses actual road bikes (like your picture). Mine has spin bikes. That is really cool. Like you, I am on the hunt for a tri bike…but it has to be a great deal…so it may take years!

    • Sarah F says:

      we have a couple of different places in the area that hook the bikes up to these power trainers or a compu trainer. it’s amaze. ing. spinning is good, this is better because it’s just like riding your bike outdoors…. besides you know, that you’re not going anywhere.

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