2012 in {Pictures} & Posts

I’m not one for writing big recaps of the events of the year.  Maybe I should be, but instead, I’d rather look at the pictures and link back to the important posts.  So, for today as we begin the new year, let’s take a quick look back at 2012.

Princess Runner!

I ran my second marathon…. while pausing for great photo ops!

A little monkey who lives here turned 4!


I kept running and got my first injury in some time.

I ran in a marathon relay and I registered for my first half ironman, Tinman 70.3.


I was a Ragnar Ambassador.


I fell in Love with my lake….

I did a sprint tri to kick off my season.


I ran a half marathon.


I signed up for an Ironman.

I completed my Tinman 70.3.

tinman finish

I ran Ragnar ADK with my ultra teammates.  And never finished my race reports.


A ran a few other races here and there that I didn’t even post about because I didn’t really train for any of them.  I sorta lost my mojo for several months….

I set my mind to possibly tackling a 50k in 2013. More to come on that people!

And more.  So much more.  I hope to continue the fun into 2013.

And I plan to take myself less seriously and just get out and enjoy it.  How about you?  How was your year?


More fun, less serious! See!!!!!


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