Ready, Set, Race {2013} Part I

If I say I don’t know and/or maybe a great deal in this post, does it count as a solid plan? I hope so.  I think that those of you who know me well, know that this is about as close to a “plan” as I get.  As noted in the title, I’m splitting this up into two parts.  As it is clear that I’m a great planner, it is also probably clear that I don’t like to do so too far ahead, so I’m only ready to lay out a plan for the first half of 2013.  So, here goes…..  (Please remember the disclaimer about saying, I don’t  know and maybe.)

167714_1843165485439_1429663836_2077853_6420841_nNew Years Day 2011

January – Hangover Half Marathon or 3.5 Miler (I’m still on the fence here.  I’m really not up for a half marathon, but I think I might enjoy the long run.  It’s also going to depend on the weather.  The last two years it has been warm.  I don’t want to do it in the snow.  No way.

February – Nothing in the works here.  It’s enough for me to get out the door and run as it is in the dead of winter.  However, I will add that were I approached to be a part of the three person winter marathon in Albany, I would totally do it.  Hint hint peeps, hint, hint!

March – The Runnin’ of the Green Island 4 Miler. This race sort of marks the beginning of race season in the Capital District.  It’s a fun run.  Lots of people are out…. and they’re frequently wearing green.  So why not?!

April – ___________ You see that big fat line?  That line means that I’m doing something.  I just haven’t pinned down exactly what it is yet.  I’m itching for a marathon.  My marathon PR is pathetic in my book.  Yeah yeah, I completed 26.2 miles, but I always bonk around mile 18 and suffer through the rest.  I’d like to train right, feel good and finish a marathon strong.  So, I’m searching for the right marathon.  It’s either that or I’d like to do a trail marathon and just have fun running in the woods.  So for today, big fat holder space thingy…

IMG_3127I wanna be outside! Look at the beauty!

MayBear Mountain Endurance Challenge Still determining distance here.  But I think I’m in.  This looks like a fantastic challenge and loads of fun.  I used to live in this area so I’m excited to take to the trails in a beautiful region.  (Someone had me entertaining the idea of a 50 miler in May.  As much as I want to run that course, I think I’m going to pass because you know, it’s 50 miles…)

IMG_3705And we move to longer distances…

JuneTour De Cure. 100 mile century ride for Diabetes.  I got roped into this.  But I’m saying that it will be fantastic training.  Now about that tri bike I’ve been dreaming of.  Ohhh tri bike.

HITS North Country Triathlon 70.3.  This race looks too good for me to pass up.  I can guarantee looking at the maps that it is going to be hard, but it’ll be great training for IMLT, it’s local-ish and the registration is remarkably affordable.  I have to give it a go.

Okay, and I’m closing with yet another disclaimer that this is only preliminary.  I will get better at making a plan and following it through, but I’m still flushing everything out.  But by putting it out there for the world to see, I have to get better about going to the gym, getting out there to run, swimming and etc  etc.  Although, I can say that I made it last night for my first spin class in forever and it was fantastic… as much as I hate spin. As you can see it’s also time for an attitude adjustment.  More to come on that. More to come.

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