It’s Snowing!

It is finally snowing in Upstate New York.  Seriously, we had almost no snow last winter.  It is so awesome to look outside and see the snow coming down.  I’ll even drive in it, for now.  I have been on a snow kick since Friday as I went home to my parents for early Christmas and it was snowing there.  C and I returned home to have it snow just in time for a White Christmas.  A good friend was right in saying that if I kept wishing for it, it would definitely happen because Santa needs the snow to land his sleigh.  You are wise beyond your years.

photo(1) A boy & his dog…

To celebrate the White Christmas, I headed outdoors with a select few of my greatest people for a hike. (Note people…. can we please start getting group shots at the trail head?)  I did end the day with some good new pics of C and I on his first bigger hike.  I’m a proud mama because he barely complained while hiking.  In fact he said he loved it.  It was also requested that from now on I never go hiking without him.  Um, well, how about if that request gets put on hold until you’re a little bigger dude.  It wasn’t an overly long hike, but it was nice weather, it was snowing just enough, we had good company so we all left happy.  A certain child I know, no names, even fell asleep while eating his dinner.

photo(2)We are this tall!

Thanks to the snow storm we are currently getting, I am certain that this weekend will include some awesome outdoor snow adventures! How about you?  Do you enjoy the snow?  How did you spend your White Christmas if you had one?

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