{Two Things Tuesday} Race Photos & Tri Club

1) Race photos are in.  And for a change they aren’t horrible.  Mine almost always stink.  I’ve become accustomed to it.  How are your race photos?  Do you cringe when you click on the link like I do?  It’s just become how I do it!  Maybe in the next year I can work on my poses and get better pics?  Although again, these from Stockade aren’t bad.

Early on in the race.  Still raining!

2) The Capital District Triathlon Club just announced a new winter lecture series.  They have lots of great speakers lined up.  So I figured I would pass on the information to all of you in case you too might be interested in attending one, some or all of the lectures.  Hop on over to their website and check it out.  The sessions are limited in attendance and first come, first serve.  I’ve heard it from a little birdie that there are super awesome things to come for off-season training as well.  I’m super excited! Especially after my successful swim clinic yesterday.  I am ready for the winter/off-season training.  I am ready to use these opportunities to hone in on technique.  Wahooo! How about you?

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