Weekend & A Flip Turn

It’s the weekend rewind.  Somehow this weekend I’ve managed to have three pretty decent runs which were awesome.  But more importantly I attended a fantastic swim clinic with the Albany Team Luna Chix.  I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from the clinic.  On top of that I really haven’t been swimming much if at all, so I was less than thrilled to head to the pool.  But now, on the other side of the almost two-hour clinic, I can very safely say that I’m so glad I went.

The clinic consisted of about (and I’m guessing here) 20-25 women and a few men.  We worked on a variety of drills that focus on core strength in the water, arm positioning, and power/feeling the water with your hands.  Essentially being efficient and going through stronger.

And then, we worked on turns.  This is something that I have struggled with for two years….. The silly turn in the pool.  I stink at it.  I end up coming to an almost complete stop because I just stink.  First we went over the open turn.  I have to say, even after working on it, I still kind of stink at it.  I get all jacked up on what I’m supposed to be doing as I approach the wall, end up forgetting and just doing a silly turn where I come most of the way out of the water….. thus slowing down.  Here’s what an open water turn should look like.

I still stink at those, but then we moved our focus to the flip turn….. Oh, how much water went up my nose.  But once we started approaching the wall, attempting the turn and push-off, something clicked and I think I got it.  Ok, so it wasn’t perfect.  One time I approached, totally forgot what I was doing and turned around and went back.  I had a good laugh with another clinic participant over that one.  But! I got it. Ish.  I’m now planning the days until I can get back in the pool and try it again.  I did one last turn tonight to try to save it all to memory.  I turned way too low on the wall, smashed my toes and hit my hip on the bottom of the pool.  The important thing here is that I lived to tell about it.  I’m ready to try again because I didn’t die while trying the turn.  I’m still here! Do I need to do a flip turn in triathlon?  Never.  But will it make winter swimming more enjoyable.  Absolutely.  I. AM. IN. Here’s somewhat of what it looks like….

What about you?  How do you turn in the pool?  Have you tried the flip?  I’ve always been too intimidated.  So a big shout out to Luna Chix for helping me to at least give it a shot! How was your weekend?


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