Nothing On My Plate

I can safely say that I cannot remember a time where I wasn’t registered for an upcoming race.  Now is that time.  (Ok, you got me, there is that little, big race on my calendar but that’s in September 2013, so for now it’s off my radar for better or worse.)  Last weekend I ran Stockadeathon and it just hit me today that I have nothing on the horizon.  The feeling hasn’t totally sunk in and I’m not sure just what to make of it.  I’m not sure whether to breathe a sigh of relief or to run over to and find something to register for.  For the moment I’m torn between the two.

I’m definitely excited to breathe a sigh of relief, break away from a training plan and find more time to hike, spin, swim, rock climb or do whatever the heck I wanna do.  But at the same rate, I do pretty well following a plan.  (Ish!) I like the normalcy of a plan.  I like having a goal and working towards it.  So, I’m trying to marry these two feelings so that I stay on track, but have a little bit of a reprieve.  For right now, I’m signing up for some clinics, some endurance spin classes, and I’ve been busting my tail incorporating speed work into my running so that maybe by the time next season comes around, I’ll finally be putting up faster running times.

It’s strange though having nothing on my plate.  What about you?  Do you always need a race on the calendar to stay motivated?  Or are you good and just relaxing and keeping a regular fitness routine for your mental sanity?

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