Birthday {wish}

I’m turning the page on another chapter in the book that is my life.  Yet again, my birthday is upon me.  I tried to avoid it, but I’ve been reminded that the alternative to having a birthday is not a good alternative.  I don’t know that I’ve done anything really profoundly positive in the last year.  I do know that I’ve made a lot of mistakes.  I’ve struggled tremendously.  I suppose major life changes do that to you.  I was naive enough to think that I, unlike others, wouldn’t struggle and it would be smooth sailing.  I’m a firm believer that burying my head in the sand has only compounded my internal struggles. So, I’m ready to start anew.

I’m hoping to start this chapter, this new year in my life with an open mind, a kind heart and a clear head.  These are my very simple goals for myself.  I have been touched by the generosity of others during my time of turmoil.  I have seen love in its most genuine form.  I am hopeful that I can even myself out and offer such gifts to the world from my heart. I need to focus on healing, smiling and living.  I’m not setting my expectations high, but rather keeping them here on the ground.

I only wish to be genuine and real.  I wish to live and let live, to love and be loved and to enjoy each and every day that I have on this earth as each moment is truly a sight to behold.  We’re so blessed to be here.  It only seems appropriate to ground ourselves and focus on what’s good.

To breathe in the good and breathe out the past.  That’s my birthday wish.

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