{Two Things Tuesday} A 15 & a 50?

Two things quick….

1)  I’m in.  I haven’t run a 15k in a while, but I’m hoping it’ll happen quickety quick.  The Stockade 15k is one of my favorite local races.  Lots of people are there.  It’s late fall, and the post race food is pretty great.  So, I’ll be there.  I don’t have high expectations for a PR but it would certainly be nice.  Running a PR would certainly lift my spirits, so we’ll see.  Stockade is a great race though and evokes nice memories for me… so I’m hoping for a nice race.

My First Stockade Finish

2) I have not been able to pull my 2013 race calendar together as of yet.  I have lots of ideas swirling.  Honestly, my mind is currently wandering into the land of ultra running… I mean, shouldn’t I check off having run a 50k in the coming year?  I’m toying with a spring marathon followed by a 50k before any big triathlon training really kicks in.  Crazy? Maybe… But, the bigger question is whether you all have suggestions for a great spring (April, May) marathon in the North East…. I’m looking at you! I think I’m ready for a big goal to sit on my plate.

I wanna see this….

That’s me! and the Lady Ga-Zenner debuting in her first and only marathon… thus far

(p.s. Lady G, we need some new pics pronto!)

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