Each Day & Stockade-athon 15k

I guess I’m still feeling a little bit like I’m lost.  It’s a strange feeling.  And it is one that comes and goes.  I’m trying to make a very conscious effort to be aware of how I’m feeling and to be sure to remind myself that it’s just a feeling and that it too shall pass.  There are so many things to work on here.   Fortunately, I have someone in my life who has helped me tremendously in this aspect.  Forcing me to look outside of myself and outside of this particular moment.  To realize and embrace that we all need work, that it’s not easy, but that in the end it’s doable.

My first go at stockade circa 2010

So for this day, and those in the near future, I am slowing down.  I am taking each day for what it brings and what it is.  I am trying to enjoy each day and each experience for just that as well.  If I deal with today and the here and now, I can get to tomorrow.  I’m not sure what I’ll find at tomorrow, but I need to stop worrying about it.  The worrying is all-consuming and the energy is better spent elsewhere.  So for right now my advice to myself is to just be, to treat each day as a new day and each opportunity as an adventure.

And it appears that the next “adventure” on my calendar shall be the Stockadeathon 15k next weekend.  I originally wasn’t sure that I was going to do it.  I’ve not really been keeping up with runs longer than 4 or 5 miles.  So, I almost decided to decline this one.  But I have run it the last two years in a row.  And I actually quite enjoy it.  There’s something about an early November run and the 15k distance is relatively unique as there aren’t many of them around.

So, I’m throwing caution to the wind and I’m going to set out to see just what I might be able to do out there.  Maybe then I’ll be able to start nailing down what the 2013 calendar entails.  What’s your next adventure?

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