Did You See? Were You Inspired?

Did any of you watch NBC Kona World Championship special on Saturday?  I’m sure that some of you did.  C-man and I watched it indeed.  I didn’t pay full attention as I was doing numerous other things, but I watched it just the same.  However, I paid zero attention to the commercials.  Well, a “boss” lady I know who competed in Ironman Lake Placid asked me today if I had watched it and whether or not I saw the commercial with shots of Lake Placid Ironman and more importantly the last finisher.  No!!!!!!!! Dang it. I missed that, which stinks! And here’s why.

First of all if you’ve ever been at the finish of an Ironman towards the end, and I mean into the night-time hours, you know the energy that is bursting from the crowd and the glow of the finish.  I can say that it is truly a magical place.  I feel like crying every time someone rounds the Olympic Oval in Lake Placid.  It’s amazing too because they may not have had much energy that last mile or so, but they enter that oval, they’re blinded by the lights and the cheers from the crowd and all of the pain of the last 140.6 miles just evaporates and all they can do is smile the biggest smile you’ve ever seen in your life.  Some cry…. but it’s a happy cry.

So, I wanted to see if I could find said commercial online.  I did a quick google search and no boss lady, I didn’t find it.  But I did refind the video of that last finisher at IMLP this year.  What’s pretty cool is that he’s local.  He trained with many of my friends as they shared the same coach.  So while he struggled and he finished two minutes after midnight (not an “official” Ironman), it was cool to see that video and see him finish the journey that he began.  I happened to miss this in person too as I had a 4 yr old in tow and we had headed back to our campsite for bed.  But what was even cooler is that he was run in by the one and only Andy Potts (the winner) and his coach and various other supporters.  This is not typically allowed in Ironman, but I’m guessing since he was after 17 hours, there was no big thing.

Regardless, as I googled and refound this video, I was inspired.  Not to do an Ironman believe it or not.  But instead, just inspired to see the strength of the human spirit yet again.  To be reminded that we can overcome almost any struggle if we just find a way to put one foot in front of the other.  It’s not easy every day, but it can be done and in the end it will get you to the finish line.

So on that note, here’s the video.  Enjoy and I hope you’re as inspired as I am and you find the power to not give up when you need it.

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2 Responses to Did You See? Were You Inspired?

  1. Aeobrien1 says:

    I did placid last year- it was a rough year for many 20% DNF versus the usual 5% The heat, the head winds It was brutal ! I made the bike cut off with one minute to spare! I finished in 16:08 My goal was 12 hours…

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