More {Fall} Hiking

Ok ok, so I haven’t been the best about blogging as of late.  I can safely say that I’ve cut back on training.  I can also safely say that I have not a single race on my schedule right this moment.  It’s weird.  Slightly freeing, slightly terrifying as I’m afraid I’ll lose all motivation and just give up all together.  But nah, probably not.  I’ll get back to it with a new gym routine shortly.  For now, I’m following an eating plan that has me very conscience of what I fuel my body with.

And I’m spending even more time in the woods!  This hike was a little rushed more spur of the moment but it was awesome just the same.  There is something so magical about being in the woods in the fall.  It’s like a peaceful universe that no one (well mostly) else is a part of.  It also helps to be in very good company while doing it, where having periods of conversation or no conversation doesn’t really matter.  It’s just about being.  So we hiked!

Fifth Peak in the Tongue Mountain Range

A pretty photo op

A photo of a photo being taken!

An overcast day

Still a lot of color left on those trees!

It’s so great to be outside this time of year.  I’m curious as to whether or not I can squeeze yet one more fall hike in somewhere in the schedule.  Gotta get it while the gettings good.  🙂

What have you been up to?

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