{Two Things Tuesday} Ragnar and a Refocus

One is that we did it.  Team Alex’s Angels finished the Ragnar Relay ADK as an ultra (crazy) team over the weekend.  It took us longer than we had hoped and there we plenty of ups and downs but we did cross the finish line.  We crossed it right before they took it down, but we crossed it just the same.  I had loads of pictures and an entire race report that I will eventually get to, but for now, know that we did it.  In the rain, almost 200 miles from Saratoga Springs to Lake Placid, NY.  What a long strange trip…….

The Angels……

Wet exchanges…

And there will surely be more to come in that race report.  But for thing two today, I’m ready for a refocus.  I have a giant year coming in 2013.  So for now I need a refocus.  The focus becomes speed…. I never really made up any ground on my run speed since I injured my foot after the Disney marathon in January.  It becomes getting my act together with what I’m eating.  I’m really concentrating on fueling and not just eating.  I don’t always have to fuel for a workout, but I need to put in what I expect to get out.  If I put crap in, I get crap out! Makes sense.  And it becomes about becoming more efficient.  I have avoided such things as the pool, like the plague, since I completed Tinman in June.  I will never become better or more efficient if I don’t at least log time.  I plan to reacquaint myself with the pool this week.  So, I’m refocusing.  Here’s to a productive off season, because if I don’t make it so, the “on” season is going to hurt.

What are you up to this Tuesday?  Any strange relay experiences?  What are your goals for this off-season?

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