{Ragnar} What to Pack!

So, with less than 24 hours until I need to be at the start line for Ragnar ADK, it seems as though I should probably get to packing.  Yes, so packing is what I shall do.  But, that brings up the question, what does one pack when you are going to run 26 miles over the course of less than two days, while living out of a vehicle with 5 other people?

Needless to say, space is at a premium!

So, here I go…. Please help me if I’m missed something!

*Running Clothes x 3 – this is a little tricky because the weather forecast is weird.  It’s looking like rain and mid 50’s so I’m bringing short sleeve and long sleeve options.

*Lots of socks…. again, rain in the forecast so I want to be prepared.

*Running Sneakers – I was going to bring two pair, again with the rain in the forecast I am now contemplating three.  Ugh. 

*Running Hat and/or Visors – you guessed it, times three

*Warm comfy clothes for in between legs

*Sunglasses – I’ll be optimistic.

*Reflective vest – required for the nighttime runs

*Head Lamp – also required

*Tail Light – also required

*Toiletries – I’m bringing travel size stuff.  I’m not confident that a shower will happen mid-relay as it didn’t last year, but who knows.  And I’ll certainly use it all post relay. 



*Sleeping bag & pillow – being optimistic that this might happen… you know, sleeping!

Look, dead sleeping people!

Oh yeah and food, water, etc…… There will be all kinds of good eats descending upon our van.  Because we are driving through some remote areas we’re making sure that we have what we need in case there is not the option to stop.  And there you have it.

So peeps, what am I forgetting for this relay adventure? You tell me!

Last year’s van! All loaded up. This gets me excited!


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