With only four days left to go until Ragnar ADK, I can admit that I’m starting to freak out a little.  Sure I have completed a Ragnar relay before, but it was with a full twelve person team to cover the 200 ish miles.  This time we’re heading in with just six of us.  And this makes me nervous! Nervous because we’ll all be running high miles. Nervous because there will be zero time to sleep.  Nervous because there will be little time to eat.  Nervous, just nervous, nervous, nervous.

1st Set – Legs 11 & 12

Rather than focus on all of the what if’s I’m more interested in check out my legs.  I am runner six.  I am running in the neighborhood of twenty-six plus miles.  Believe it or not, I have the legs with the lowest total mileage.  I have actually only picked up a few over what I ran last year during the relay, because on that team I had one of the highest total mileage counts.

Anyway, for my first set of legs I have 11 & 12.  I begin at Crandall Park in Glens Falls and head to the Lake George bike path.  I will continue on the bike path to my exchange point at the end of leg 12 at Million Dollar beach.  These two legs total 10.4 miles, most of which is on the bike path.  It should be interesting.  These are not no support legs, but because I’m on the bike path, there is limited van support.   If our times are projected correctly, I’ll start running sometime around 5:30 PM.  I sure hope it’s a nice night for a run!

Leg 11

Leg 12

2nd Set – Legs 23 & 24

My second set of legs for the relay are right now projected to start some time around 4:30 AM.  Yowza.  Running a relay is an interesting thing to begin with but the overnight legs are where it gets really interesting.  First of all, all runners must be equipped with a reflective vest, headlamp and a tail light.  Just to be safe! But the more interesting thing that I found is that you’re running alone, in the dark, in the middle of nowhere.  Running a relay is not like running another race where you are constantly surrounded by other runners.  You are oftentimes pretty alone out there.  You have your van leap frogging you and you see runners here and there, but it sure is lonely and DARK out there by yourself. Last year, the night runners scarred the crap outta me when they passed in the dark.  But I just kept telling myself that I didn’t have far to go.  The same holds true this time.  For my second set of legs I have a total run of 4.6 miles.  Anyway, I’ll be running from the YMCA in Westport to the Essex County fairgrounds.  I have to admit that I’m glad my night leg is short…. Sorry teammates, but I am! I can say that if I were on a 12 person team and I had to get outta the van for a two-mile run, I might be less than happy…. Good thing I’m not.


3rd Set – Legs 35 & 36

The homestretch.  These are my last legs and the legs that will bring our team to the finish.  These legs are also unsupported which means that my van cannot stop to help me. This happens in relays when the road is too dangerous for multiple vans to be stopping.  Typically areas where there is no shoulder or no safe runner access.  When this happens they do put water stops along the route.  For this set of legs I have a total of 10.5 miles to run.  With both legs unsupported, I’ll wear my fuel belt along with the water stops.  Better safe than sorry.  This set of legs begins in Willmington, NY and will finish at the Ragnar finish line which is at the horse show grounds in Lake Placid, NY.  At this point I’m hoping that the finish line will just bring me home.

Leg 35

and last but not least, 36

So there they are.  My legs, by what I see and the maps.  I have my fingers crossed for a great and safe relay for my entire team.  I’ll keep you posted.  Now I just have to work on what to pack considering that the forecast is for the high 60’s during the day and the 30’s at night.  Yikes!



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