{Ragnar} Less Than a Week

With less than one week left to go before our crazy ultra team hits the road for the Ragnar ADK, I’m beginning to get a little nervous.  But, I think that I’m deciding that rather than focus on the nervous, I’ll instead think about the fun that lies in store for us.  So, here we go.  Here are the things I’m excited for…

To live in a very small space with 5 other people.  Wahoooooo!

To wear ridiculous looking gear

To sleep in ridiculous places

To hand off a slap bracelet in random places

And so much more.  These pictures are just a few of the very many that I have from last year’s Ragnar Relay.  Last year was fun.  I am looking forward to doing it all again.  This year as a six person team instead of twelve.  This means that all of the fun will be contained to one van.  It also means very limited sleeping time as our van will be in perpetual motion.  When you have a twelve person team there is always an on van and an off van.  With only six runners, we will have an on van.  Only.  So here’s to 200 miles and no sleep.  Should be an interesting adventure.  As the week goes on, I’ll fill you in on my legs, etc.  For right now, I’m starting a packing list.

How about you? Have you done a relay?  Was it a 6 or 12 person team?  Any tips?

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1 Response to {Ragnar} Less Than a Week

  1. Ann Gaetano says:

    Doing our (Gabby’s Purple Maniacs!) first Ragnar Relay on Friday as well in the Adirondacks, can’t wait! CYA there!

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