Starting Over…

I can’t deny the fact that I have been in a serious funk since Tinman.  A training funk of some sort or just a funk.   I would try and say that it’s because I don’t really have anything on my calendar coming up, but I do.  I have the Ragnar Ultra & the Mohawk Hudson Half.  Those have been there, nothing new.

But in the last week or two, I seem to have seen a glimmer of hope, of me and where I want to be.  So, I’m starting over.  I’m starting over by trying to hold myself accountable, getting the workouts in and moving forward.  I feel like I’ve spent too long being wrapped up in feeling bad and in doing so I’ve let myself down, repeatedly.

running socks…. make me happy!

Now, I’m starting over.  And right now, I’m running.  I’ve sort of stopped biking and swimming for the time being.  I’m refinding my love of just the run.  Remembering what it’s like to be happy, and feel fantastic after completing my run for the day.  No drama or stress of figuring out how to fit in a swim, a bike, where my helmet is, etc.  There is something truly freeing about just lacing up your shoes and heading out the door.  So long story short, that’s what I’m doing.



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1 Response to Starting Over…

  1. Ann Gaetano says:

    Love reading your posts! I swear by my compression socks, fun sexy socks I call them! See you at the Ragnar!

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