{Two Things Tuesday}

It’s coming.  I smell it.  Can you?  It’s fall.  And while it’s supposed to get hot later this week, I know that fall is coming.  The nights have been cooler.  It’s getting darker earlier and I know that fall is coming.  Do I sound like a broken record yet?  Fall is my absolute favorite time to run, bike, and play! Not so much on the swimming, but you know where I stand on swimming in general.  I love, love, love fall.  And I’m hoping it will be just the things to pull me out of this ever lasting funk I’ve been in.  So, here’s to fall.  Keep your eyes peeled.  I know she’s just around the corner, and I for one cannot wait!

Speaking of fall, we’re getting ready for fall around these parts by raking in the last of the summer bounty.  I haven’t had a ton of time over the summer months to can much of the fantastic bounty that our CSA share from Denison Farm provides.  We’ve actually done a pretty good job of eating it all each week as we get it in.  It’s a challenge, but we’re really working on it.  However, fall is around the corner, in case you didn’t get the memo above, so we’re hard at work putting up lots and lots of tomatoes for the fall on this Tuesday evening.

What about you?  What’s your favorite season?  Do you put up veggies from the summer to make your winter a little less dreary?

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