{Trails} Loving the Run

Ok, so I’m not going to lie.  I haven’t been loving the run that much over the last few months.  I feel like between my injury and then coming back in to a triathlon training plan (they’re not that heavy on the running) I have not been embracing the run and/or loving the run.  I have instead just been surviving the run.  My runs have been hard.  They have been labored.  And they have been slow! All of this coming from the triathlete who is really still a runner.  I used to love running!!!

Ok fast forward.  On and off I’ve been trying to hit the trails more often.  I’ve been heading to Schodack Island State Park because it’s right near my house and I can bring the pup, Georgia.  I have to say that I’m slowly beginning to love running on trail.  I won’t say that it’s making me faster, as trail running times generally tend to be slower, but it is proving to be enjoyable.  There are a few different things that I really like about it…..

The trails provide a whole new set of scenery.  No cars, no intersections, just trees and running.

They tend to be relatively soft which is a little easier on the body from time to time.

Just like there are no cars or intersections, there are also far fewer people so it’s a quiet more personal experience.

I feel like a kid, running on the trail, playing in the woods.

So, I’m on a quest this late summer/fall to explore more of the trails in the region on my runs.  Do you trail run?  Where do you go? Details people, details!

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