{Two Things Tuesday}

1.  I’m itching for a finish line.  Yep.  It’s finally set in.  I haven’t raced since Tinman 70.3 and I’m starting to be able to tell.  For one my training fell way off as a result of not having a race on the horizon.  For two, I just miss the general race atmosphere.  I don’t need a race, but I’d like a race.  I love the crowd, the adrenaline, just the fun of a race! So, it’s time to start planning my fall calendar.  I’m on it.  Races here I come!

2. I’m finally coming back.  After several, albeit shorter, runs, a 30 mile bike ride, some strength training and the like, I can say that I think I’ve finally found my mojo.  Good thing considering that I do want to do some races…. see above!  I’m finally starting to get back into a training groove and I’m trying like crazy to stay with it.  I think the cool weather is helping.  Oh and there is the promise that fall isn’t that far away and it’s my FAVORITE time of year to be a runner.  Wahoo!

What are your two things this Tuesday?

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