Finding the {Ups}

Sometimes I really let the outside world get a hold of me. I fall prey to suggestion and I start believing that maybe the things I deserve really are sub standard. That maybe after all this toil and 32 years of work to figure out who I am today, that it wasn’t worth it and I should just succumb to the norm. Maybe live a mediocre life, settle for some semblance of happy and sort of just fade away into the daily doll drums of life.

Then I find my ups.

I’m warning the world. I’m one of those people who you need to be careful around. Don’t tell me that I can do something, because I’ll do it… Just to prove you wrong. It may hurt the first time, but I’ll gut it out. And each time, I’m getting better.

Today I’m gutting it out. I am digging deep and I’m about to find out just what I’m made of. What I’m made of is 5, 10 and 15ks, Half and full marathons. I am made of sprints, Olympic tris and a half ironman. I am made of heart, soul, and determination. I am made of early morning long runs and late night swims. I am stronger than anything that comes my way. I’ve learned to just think about the next step and don’t worry about the finish line.

Today, I’m back. I’m ready to train for an Olympic distance tri, an ultra relay and mostly I’m becoming less terrified about that high altitude Ironman that I inadvertently found myself registered for. I have found this up and I’m going to stay with it. All the way to the end or whatever awaits me.

Where is your up? Do you ever need to talk yourself through it? What’s working for you this Monday afternoon?


We are SO up!

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