{Window Wednesday} Who I Am

I’m not having a very good day … And when this happens for whatever reason, I tend to get down on myself.  Big. Time.  So I’m having a day.  Every sad song is written for me, everything that happens that is bad must be because I deserve it.  It just becomes a spiral until I’m sitting here ready to cry. 

But then … I think about the fact that I’ve yet to post on the blog for Window Wednesday, and I think about all of the different stuff that I’ve posted on here.  I try to remember being inspirational.  Saying awesome things about believing in myself.  And then I remember that while right this moment I might be having a bad day, but that doesn’t define who I am. 

And I start thinking about who I am.  Who I am is so very different than who I was just a few short years ago.  Who I am is:

I’m a mom to the most amazing little boy. 

I’m an athlete.  I still don’t always believe this, but I’m trying. 

I’m the family cook.  I’ve even mastered my own home dairy as of late making yogurt and various other concoctions. 

I’m a hard working employee who is very passionate about working at CMOST

I’m so many things to all of my friends. 

I hope that I’m kind, compassionate and giving. 

I hope that I can be half the person that I aspire to be… some day.  So while I’m having a bad day, what I know is that I may be having a bad day today, but generally I am lucky. 


And that is who I am today …. Who are you?

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1 Response to {Window Wednesday} Who I Am

  1. Ann P says:

    You forget that you are an awesome daughter and friend to your Mom! Don’t ever sell yourself short!!
    Love you!
    Oh, and Who am I? One lucky Mom and Gramma!

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