{Window Wednesday} Inspiration

Inspiration comes in many different forms.  Again, having just been at Ironman Lake Placid, I feel like I’ve seen it shining right from the center of people’s souls the last few days.  Seriously, I’m not trying to be sappy or anything of that nature.  I am being honest. I have seen the human spirit persevere and it’s just remarkable.  So, then next time that you think you can’t, realize that you can.  Anything is possible with a little heart and soul and a lot of belief in yourself and the power of perseverance.

The Courage to Start

My Little Finisher!

Two Broken Spirits (Elbow & Clavicle) = Two Iron Spirits turned Iron Men

And a 17:02 finish which does not get an official time in Ironman rules, but is forever an Ironman in all of the fan’s hearts……


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