My Best Self

I’ve received lots of reassuring and uplifting comments about my freak out for this weekends race.  I’m amazed at how much my family and friends truly believe in me.  I’m humbled and grateful for this kind of support.  So today, I’ve vowed to not think about that 70.3 mile race I’ll be completing on Saturday.  Today, I’m only thinking about this journey and how far I’ve come.  Today, I’m believing…

“Believe in yourself and all that you are.  Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.”  – Christian D. Larson

I found this quote last night when I was mulling over how I was going to will myself through 70.3 miles.  It struck me right smack between the eyes.  If everyone else knows that I can do it and that I will cross that finish line, why is it so dang difficult for me to believe it.  Then I started to think about it.  It must be that somewhere down deep I do believe it.  I just have to muster that girl up a little bit.  See her reaching for a hand up out of all the other crazy chaos in my brain and pull her to the forefront on Saturday.  I need to believe from the start of the day to the finish line that I can and I will complete the race, regardless of the circumstances.

Then my super supportive coach called, almost immediately after I had all of that going through my head.  She reassured me that I’ve put the time and the miles in.  We went over the different goals and then we also talked about just enjoying the day.  Taking each moment as it comes and just knowing that I can finish no matter which goal I hit.  She reminded me that with the first Half Iron your only goal is just to finish.  There’s “no real pressure.”  HA! But true in some ways. 

So, for today anyway, there is no pressure.  I just have to believe in myself and be my best self.  If I do that and enjoy the day, this 70.3 should be no big thing.  Right?

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