{Training} Beautiful Lake Placid & A Wake Up

Yesterday was awesome so I have to share it. Yesterday was spent training in Lake Placid. My last big training weekend before Tinman. And I will tell the truth, waking up at 4:30 am and enduring the two plus hour drive up, I was not into it.

Then we parked. It was a beautiful morning. There were wetsuit donning triathletes everywhere. As I zipped up in neoprene at 7:30 am…. I felt some kind of weird calm come over me. And then I started swimming. And then I remembered we were in Mirror Lake as I saw the buoy line cables appear under water. It’s weird to say but it was a sensation like coming home. Everything just fell into place. Watch the cable, swim, sight when you want to and don’t worry, about the shoreline. One, two, three, breathe, and repeat. Am I ready, can I do this, breathe. And the next thing I knew we were turning around and heading back in. Wait did I really just swim 1.4 or 1.5 miles with zero issue? I have no clue what happened but as I unzipped my wetsuit and put on my bike shoes I wanted to bask in it. No time. I had 56 miles of the mean Lake Placid bike course waiting for me.

I clipped in and was off. I could go on and on about this bike course, but I won’t. All I can say is ride it. You won’t ever forget it. It’s breathtaking when you aren’t gripping your brakes for dear life. I paused to take pictures only a few times and I’ll share those later. But man is that bike course a doozie. I rode it mostly alone and I can say that the quiet was welcome. I finished just shy of three hours and fourth minutes. Everyone else (training for full ironman) headed back out for a second bike loop. I had a run to get to.

I finished my day with a six miles, rather uneventful run in loops around Mirror Lake. What a spectacular day. I went back to the beach, took a quick swim, changed my clothes and headed back to the car to check my phone. And that’s when the day changed.

A missed call from a training partner who is supposed to be biking is never a good thing. Training peeps…. Be forewarned, I was good this time, but this is not allowed again. The message went something like this “hey Sarah, I crashed my bike.  I’m going to try and ride to a gas station to get water and clean myself up, but can you come get me.”  Excuse me, what? You crashed your who? Ok, ok. Keys in the ignition, redial and a where the hell are you. After 15-20 miles through Wilmington. I was able to locate everyone and count fingers and toes. But there was blood and messed up bikes. Huge rocks and wait, what? We are not invincible?

After two hours in the Lake Plaid ER, everyone is ok. Some Ironman dreams are hanging in the balance but when You put life in perspective it’d only a race. And besides with proper care the race is still on. But man…. No one call me like that ever again. No injuries, its not allowed.

I know I’m rambling. It’s Sunday night and I’m sleepy. But, I had a fantastic training day. And I k ow that what we do is dangerous. I can respect that and I can use caution. But I say get back out there. Life is short, do what you love. You only get one shot. Live it!


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