{Event} Ragnar 101

Hey all.  In case you didn’t already know, I love Rangar.  You can see so here, here, and here. For all of your who are Ragnar curious or have a team signed up, but have more questions, I have an event for you.  Tomorrow night myself and the Ragnar Adirondacks race director will be holding an Ragnar 101 session at Fleet Feet in Albany, NY.  Why not join us for some fun? 

Here are the details:

Ragnar Relay Information Session – Combine teams of 12 runners (each running three legs of varying distance) covering 200 miles of scenic terrain over two days and one night.  Add crazy costumes, inside jokes, a great finish line party, unforgettable stories and the experience of a lifetime.  You might call it a slumber party without sleep, pillows, or deodorant.  We call it the Ragnar Relay!

Ragnar Adirondacks takes place September 28 – 29, 2012.  Learn more and win cool prizes when Ragnar ambassador Sarah Fisk and race director Courtney Mitchell host Ragnar Adirondacks 101 at Fleet Feet Sports on Thursday, June 7, 6-7p.m.

Join us won’t you? 

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