{Friday} And It’s What I’ve Got…..

Here’s what I’ve got.  Please be prepared for a random list. 

  • Scarlet is back from the bike doctor.  She’s looking all hot and red now.  She’s definitely ready to hit the road for a 3 hour and 15 minute ride on Sunday. 

  • My flying muscles hurt.  I finally got back to doing strength training on Wednesday night and I forgot about that “it hurts so good” feeling that tends to stick around for days.  I mostly did arm, shoulder, upper back related stuff so the feeling is lingering in my “flying muscles.”  Guess I’ll stay grounded for a while, but I hope it doesn’t interfere with my swim tonight. 
  • Speaking of swims, tomorrow is my first OWS of the season.  Yikes.  That water is going to be cold.  C-O-L-D.  I’m certain of it.   You had better bet there will be a wetsuit involved!
  • The run feels good.  I have completed another couple of really good runs in the last few days.  It feels so good to a) be running again with no pain and b) not feel like I’m aerobically going to die while running.  And all of this running reminds me how awesome running is.  Nothing can improve my mood quite the way that running can. 
  • I’m hungry…… Are the rest of you that are training for long endurance events like this hungry?  I feel a little like a non-stop eating machine.  In the last few weeks I’ve really tried to get better about what I eat since it seems that I’m eating all of the time.  I’ve managed to switch to a protein shake every morning.  Um, did I mention mine are delicious?  C-man thinks that we should set up a smoothie stand outside the house and sell them to “the people.” That kid kills me…….. And I’m working on lots of salads and veggies.  But I am consistently eating all. of. the. time.
  • To wrap it up I’ll share that I’m feeling strong.  I’m not sure if it’s because my flying muscles are sore or what, but I’m feeling pretty strong and ready to rock it.  I know I’ve still got some training to do before I get there, but I’m certain that one way or another I’ll cross the finish line in Tupper Lake and anywhere else life wants to put one down. 


So, share, what have you got today?

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1 Response to {Friday} And It’s What I’ve Got…..

  1. Jessie says:

    I’m always hungry!! I’m trying to make sure what I’m eating is healthy… but sometimes the ice cream and cookies sneak into my mouth :-).

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