{Two Things Tuesday} Embracing the Treadmill & an OWS

Last night I embraced the treadmill.  Trust me, I didn’t want to.  But, with kiddo in tow, I had no choice but to hit up the gym for a run.  I went in with a plan to run four miles in order to get home and feed the monster and myself.

But once I started running I hatched a plan.  Since coming back from injury I really haven’t done much speed work.  I’ve just been happy with finishing runs pain-free.  The run on the treadmill tonight felt good.  So I decided to embrace it and use it to my advantage.  Why not use the treadmill to push the speed and make my own interval work out.  So after a one mile warm up, intervals I did.  And a planned four mile run turned into five because it just felt so good.  And I will say that breaking it up into .25 mile intervals made the time (aka boredom) fly by.

Proof of the power of the interval.  I was dripping sweat….

And I’m happy to announce that my first open water swim (ows) is in sight!!!! This weekend is a practice run of the Hudson Crossing triathlon.  I was all excited to go and hang out and swim, bike, run.  Wait, I said …. swim?  Um, has anyone dipped their toe in some local water?  That business is cold! Yeah I said C-O-L-D…. so we shall see how Saturday goes.  I’m a little nervous.  Yikes, cold water and an open water swim.  Man oh man, I’m in for it now.

C & I pre- OWS on Mother’s day.  Ok, ok, we only stuck our toes in, but it was cold!

What are you up to this Tuesday?

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3 Responses to {Two Things Tuesday} Embracing the Treadmill & an OWS

  1. Jessie says:

    I’ll be swimming Saturday! I’m looking forward to it, but I’m afraid it’s going to be so cold!

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