{Two Things Tuesday} Tri-ing…

1. I did it.  I completed my first tri of the season.  On Sunday I packed up all of my stuff and headed out at a ridiculously early hour (especially post very long ride in Lake Placid), to compete in the Southern Saratoga YMCA’s Anyone Can Tri Indoor/Outdoor Triathlon. I felt great.  The energy was fantastic. And the finish line was great.  Everything was great about the tri … except for the swim, but we’ll save that for today’s second thing.  For now, pictures!

Game Faces!

Love me a little transition in the morning….

Looking like a dope on the bike.

Finishing it up on the run!

2. And for two, I freaked out again on the swim.  Things went awry …. I lost my goggles.  In searching for them I started to panic.  Then I started to swallow water.  I ended up needing to stand aside, catch my breath and then resume swimming.  My time was ridiculous.  I’ll get over it.  That’s why I signed up for this small tri.  Practice, just working out the kinks.  But me and the swim go way back, so I really need to work on this.  Here’s to the next 8 weeks…….

How’s your Tuesday shaping up?

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