{Training} Lake Placid

Yikes! What a weekend.  As you may recall, this was my “recovery week.”  Which meant the work out were light.  Welllllll……. due to some plans that I made for myself the week was the light, but the weekend, well, that’s a whole other story.  The weekend started with a little road trip to Lake Placid, NY.  The home of Ironman Lake Placid.

Have I revealed that a large number of my friends will be competing in Ironman this July?  If not, they are.  So it made sense, with a free weekend, to head to Lake Placid and bike one loop of the challenging bike course.  I’m not going to go into great detail here about the bike.  It was awesome and challenging all at the same time.  I’ll share some pictures and the elevation chart and you can infer about the course from there.  I can tell you that it’s definitely worth a ride as it’s through some really beautiful mountains.  There are some screaming downhills along with a fair share of uphill.  So, here it is, in pictures!

Fuel and supplies

Readying the rides

Bonnie & Scarlet (the bikes…..)

Just a few of the Tri Buddies!

Where I would have been hanging instead just a few short years ago!

The elevation data from my Garmin

I’m sure you noticed there are no mid-ride pictures.  For some parts of the ride my hands were too cold and we were going too fast (43 mph).  For others I was just too tired…. You see those hills?  And after a while I just forgot.  But Lake Placid is gorgeous and presents a great physical challenge.  For me this is the distance that I have to complete in just a few short weeks at Tinman 70.3.  So I was glad to say that I know I can finish the bike.  Now to see about running a half marathon…….

How was your weekend?

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