{Recovery} Lake Plaicid Ironman Bike Course & A Sprint Tri?

It’s a recovery week or so my coach says.  (Hi Coach!)  Just to make her crazy, I have planned a 56 mile training ride of the Lake Placid Ironman course on Saturday and a sprint triathlon on Sunday.  Hmmm, not sure that all falls into the whole recovery week theme.  But, I’ll give her props, when I emailed her about it, she was totally cool.  I believe her exact words were:

“If you have the opportunity to go to placid for the ride, I’m not going to argue with that.  That will give you a feel for the distance, although keep in mind that the climbs are longer in placid, so that’s good for you.  And I think it’s great to do the race the next day.  You have to train your body to function while being tired. “

Thanks for being on board coach.  Sometimes you just can’t plan these things on the right week! She went on to talk about how it’s going to hurt and I’m going to be tired and that’s great… Clearly she’s also lost her mind.  That’s why we work well as a team!

And speaking of lost minds…….. the reason for all of this craziness is a good friend’s birthday celebration.  I mean, who wants to bike this course for their birthday?


Course profile borrowed from Sweat Once a Day

But that’s just how this group of tri-peeps roll.  So we’ll be spending the weekend biking ridiculous hills, and while we are forgoing the Mountain Goat 10 mile run, we will instead be participating in the Capital District YMCA’s Anyone Can Tri event.  It’s a sprint tri so while short on distance, it’ll be a good opportunity for me to practice transitions.  Thus far in my history of triathlon, transitions are not my strong suit. 

Anyway, that’s how my recovery (ha, ha) week is shaping up.  What do you have lined up for your week? Or are you actually recovering?


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3 Responses to {Recovery} Lake Plaicid Ironman Bike Course & A Sprint Tri?

  1. Jessie says:

    Have fun! That course profile is crazy, I’ll be trying it this summer, I’m not quite ready for it now. I’ll be doing my own hilly ride on Saturday in North Creek. Gotta love the Adirondacks for some hill climbing!

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