{My Lake} I’m In Love

Have you ever had a place that is…. well, it’s just your place?  A special place where you go to walk or run or just be.  And when you’re there you feel at peace?  I haven’t had a lot of these places in my life.  I can find that feeling sometimes on a run, or a hike.  But it’s not always place specific.  However, this time I feel like I’ve really found that place.  Some where that I can go to disconnect from the world, or to feel safe or to just be.  This awesome place is “my” lake. 

A few months ago (ok, like 5), C-man, George and I packed up shop and moved to our new abode.  We currently reside on Lakeshore Drive.  And it is just that.  The view out our front window is of a little lake.  We are just on the other side of the road, on the lake shore.  Lakeshore Drive runs all the way around the lake.  Want to know how far it is?  Yeah, I’m sure you’re dying to know.  It’s exactly 1 mile from my house, all the way around the lake.  As a runner/triathlete, this is perfection.  I don’t have to map anything out, etc.  If I’m running five miles, I know that if I can get four in the surrounding neighborhoods, I can come back and get the last one around the lake and be on my door step.  Perfect-o!

Apparently, I’m not the only one who has seen the beauty of this little lake.  That one mile loop is a buzz with walkers, runners, bikers of all ages on a nice day.  There are people with dogs, with kids, with strollers, with various other things making their way around the lake.  C-man has taken to sitting in the front yard and waiving to people as they go by.  Saying hello.  And just generally being the mayor. 

The last few weeks I’ve taken to doing some of my runs (when I don’t have C-man) in the early morning and either starting or finishing by doing a loop around the lake.  It’s so peaceful.  All is quiet, the fog is lifting, birds are chirping.  I feel calm, and ready to tackle whatever life brings when I’m here.  So that’s my love, that’s “my” lake. 

Do you have a special place where you can go to just be?  Does it make it’s way into your workout?


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