Boom Boom Pow {the brick}

I started my Friday morning off with a brick.  All of you triathletes out there know exactly what I’m talking about.  A brick is a session where you do two disciplines back to back.  Most commonly a brick is a bike ride followed directly by a run, with only a limited time in between that is used basically to change your shoes, etc. 

Last season (my first triathlon season) I did not brick in training.  The only days that I did a brick were on race days.  And I can tell you from experience that this is bad.  I remember riding my bike during the pinebush triathlon having no idea how hard to even bike because I had no idea what I would or wouldn’t have left in my legs for the run.  I swore I would start bricking in training.  But alas, true to form, I did not.  I continued this way all season.  After each race where my legs were on fire after the bike or I couldn’t feel my toes and wasn’t used to it, I would swear that I wouldn’t do this to myself again.  Ha, ha!

Well, now that I have a full season under my belt and I’m mid-training cycle for my first Half Ironman, I can tell you that not-bricking has become a thing of the past.  Thanks to my trusty training coach Jess, I am bricking almost every week at least once. 

This morning’s brick was special though.  It was a triple brick.  I know, I know, you’re dying to know what that is.  My scheduled called for a 20 minute ride, followed by a 10 minute run repeated three times.  I will be completely honest and state that my alarm clock won out this morning and I was only able to complete two cycles before needing to get ready for work.  I will get the last one in tonight or over the weekend.  To my own credit my alarm clock won out because I did 2.5 hours of running and biking yesterday, with an 8 hour work day squeezed in the middle.  I’m tired….. it’s allowed. 

Back to the brick…. It was awesome.  Now that I’m doing these workouts more often my legs converting to the run don’t feel too bad at all.  And I have to say that doing these shorter efforts this morning really broke the time up and made it sort of fun-ish.  I did the bike portions on my trainer in the living room totally rocking out to watching Glee.  And the run portions were completed with pup pup in tow as we circled the lake.  (I’ll write an ode to my new lake home soon.  Man I love running the loop around the lake in the morning.)  Again, it was awesome and it added just the boom boom pow to my morning that I needed.  Thanks for the triple brick coach! I needed that kick in the pants. 

Go and get your Boom Boom Pow!

With all of the biking done, I only have swimming and running on the schedule this weekend.  What are you all up to? Hope it’s a good one!!! Happy Friday!

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  1. that triple brick sounds exhausting, nice job!

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