{200!} Does That Make it Official & A Giveaway

Well, with 200 posts under my belt, I would say whether it’s official or not, I feel like the blog has come a long way.  The page and my writing has been on this crazy transformative journey with me too I suppose.  I have learned so much here and this blog provides me an awesome opportunity to look back and where I’ve been and think about where I’m going.

So because you’re my readers and because you’re awesome, I wanted to give a few little things away to sort of celebrate you hanging around for the last 200 posts.  These items are a few of my favorite things!

I have two tubes of nuun, strawberry lemonade and lemon lime.  Nuun graciously donated these for this giveaway.  Thank you thank you.  Oh and thank you for being my favorite source of hydration.  If you’re not familiar with nuun and all of its awesomeness, please go here to learn more.  It truly is my favorite and as they say it’s “optimal hydration without all of the carbs.” ❤

I also have a cool little running vinyl cling from The Saratoga Palio half marathon last year.  This half marathon is awesome! The course is great, the fall running season is my favorite and it stands as my current half marathon PR.  And for the record, I intend to change that this year.  Maybe this little gal will be your motivation to sign up this year or set a new PR?

And lastly, I have a reusable Ragnar shopping bag! This came in as part of my Ragnar Adirondacks Ambassador gear.  I was asked only that I share with folks who love running and will spread the word.  So I’m hoping that’s whomever wins the giveaway.  Then maybe you too will want to check out ragnaradirondacks.com and put together your own relay team? Come on! You know you want to…..

So! To enter the giveaway leave a comment for each:

~ Become a follower of Chasing Down a Dream

~ Share…. what’s been your biggest accomplishment over the last two years? And what’s your goal for the next two?

~ Like Nuun on Facebook

Giveaway will end on 4/7 and winner will be announced on 4/9.  A post Easter surprise in the mail is always good right?!?!


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4 Responses to {200!} Does That Make it Official & A Giveaway

  1. Jessie says:

    I’ve never tried nuun before, but love finding new nutrition that comes recommended! So I went ahead and “liked” their page on Facebook 🙂

  2. Jessie says:

    My biggest accomplishment over the past 2 years was completing my first marathon. It wasn’t pretty, but finishing it felt so amazing. My biggest goal for the next 2 years is to complete and enjoy my first half ironman. My second goal is to PR and feel GREAT finishing another marathon!

  3. asoch3 says:

    I haven’t tried nuun either. Would like to give it a try. The “like” is done… My biggest accomplishment in the past two years… well, I started running :). I never really ran before. Did basketball, kun fu, biking… etc… but I never tried running. I was one of those that use to say “I think running is boring” without even giving it a try. Of course my running before was basically going around a basketball field… so, that was boring. But, I did Ragnar Great River in 2010 because a crazy really fun girl told me about it and I said why not… now, two years later… I’m doing marathon number 3 by the end of May. Two marathons in a year, PR in the second and I done 5 Ragnars. I think I can say I reaaaaaaaaaaaaally like running :).

    My goal for this year is to do a triathlon… I don’t know how to swim, but I decided I will give it a try. For the next two years… I’m going to do every single Ragnar… (I hope :p).

  4. asoch3 says:

    I haven’t tried nuun either. Would like to give it a try… My biggest accomplishment in the past two years… I started to run :). I did all kind of sports, but I have to say I was one of those that used to say “running is boring” without even trying it. I started running when a friend invited me to do Great River 2010 in her team. And since that August 2010, I have done several races… including two marathons in 2011 (PRing in the second that year) and 5 Ragnars. I’m doing another Marathon now in May and planning the next relay. I guess you can say I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally like running :).

    In the next year, I’ll like to do a triathlon… I don’t know how to swim, but I may as well give it a try :). I never thought I would do a Marathon.

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