{HIM Training} What am I Doing?

I was going to save this post until tomorrow, but it seems to be weighing heavy on my mind.  So I’m putting it out there and double posting today….. Enjoy!

Ok, so it appears that I am about 13 weeks out from Tinman, my first 70.3.  Can someone please remind me to breathe?  I mean, it’s right around the corner still a ways off, but I am already freaking out.  Fa-Reaking Out! No joke. 

The Swim – I feel ok in the pool.  I’ve got a long ways to go, but I know after having done the Lake George Olympic distance race last fall that I’ll survive the swim one way or another.  My biggest issue in the water is simply my head.  I just need to stay calm and keep swimming.  Right Dory? Right.  I have lined up plenty of open water swimming (OWS) prior to the race to make sure that it goes better than my first open water swim did.  So breathe and I’ll get through the swim, I know I will. 

The Bike – I’m definitely a stronger biker than I was last year.  I can confidently say that I no longer wish to throw Scarlet away or in a ditch each time I encounter a big hill.  But! But, but, but, did you know that the bike distance for a Half Ironman race is 56 miles?  Yeah, that’s right, I said 56 long miles.  Ugh, I’m still completely overwhelmed by this.  The most I’ve done thus far is in the neighborhood of 30 miles.  Yes, I know that I still have 13 weeks to train and I’ll get there, but I can openly admit that I’m terrified of the bike.  There, I said it.  Terrified…….

The Run -And the run, oh the run….. how I miss thee.  I’ve been running again, post injury.  And I can say that it’s going ok.  While it’s going ok, my longest run has been about 6 miles.  And I can also safely say that it’s work….. I feel like I’ve lost quite a big of running fitness as I’ve recovered.  While I kept up the cardio via elliptical, arc trainer and whatever, running is a whole different beast.  Or maybe it’s all mental and I just talk myself out of being able to do the run.  I did brick on Saturday with Nate.  While the run went well, I can say that I could not feel my toes until mile 2.  Yeah, that’s right, mile 2!

So, with all of these things combined, I am freaking out.  Any advice?  Ways to talk me down off the ledge? How do I survive the bike?  How do I keep my toes from going numb?  Help!

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4 Responses to {HIM Training} What am I Doing?

  1. A. Joan says:

    Live for the here and now and breathe. Today I have to (Blank) I’m not going to think about what I have to do tomorrow until I get up in the morning. I’m not going to think about what I have to do a week or even 13 weeks from now until that day arrives. I control the here and now.

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