{Two Things Tuesday} Ragnar Adirondacks & a 20 yard pool

One – A few weeks ago I posted about how I am lucky enough to be a Ragnar Ambassador for the Ragnar Adirondacks relay.  Well, all of my new gear, info cards, posters, etc. arrived in the mail the other day.  And everything is AWESOME! I love all of the Ragnar stuff anyway, so this stuff was a simple addition to my collection.  Now I need to get to work spreading the word.

I also need to get to work forming my own team! Come on people.  You know you want to run it.  I’ll even back off the idea of an ultra team if that will sway you in my team’s direction…… Takers? Takers?

Two – Last week I did one of my swim’s at a different YMCA than I normally swim at.  The pool area was smaller than I am used to.  It felt sort of closed in.  I started my swim and it automatically felt awesome.  I began to wonder if I was having an awesome day or if something was off.  My times were pretty smoking too.  I was certain that the pool must be smaller.  After leaving I looked it up.  Sure enough a 20 yard pool.  Boogers.  Foiled again! I just wanna swim outside.  I miss this…..

How’s your Tuesday going?


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2 Responses to {Two Things Tuesday} Ragnar Adirondacks & a 20 yard pool

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  2. Interesting – I had no idea that Ragnar had “ambassadors”.

    Hope that you find / found yourself a team for the upcoming Adirondacks race, Team Sudo Run Faster Ultra will be there along with our non-ultra team, Sudo Run Faster. Looking forward to a nice race in some cooler weather!


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