And the {Sun} Shone Down!

How was your weekend? Mine was awesome.  In fact so awesome that  I broke the norm and already posted about some of it on Saturday as I had such a great time learning about my role as a Ragnar Ambassador.  Talking up Ragnar and hanging out at the summer expo was awesome, but Sunday was equally as awesome!

Sunday’s forecast was for 55 degrees and sunshine.  I have to say that the weather has  been fantastic (weird, but fantastic) here in Upstate New York.  You’d seriously think that it was at least April with the temperatures that we have been experiencing.  Because of this we’ve all been itching to get outdoors.  It makes working inside tough!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear there’s an adjustment period every year where no one wants to work and would rather play outside.  Once the weather is permanently warmer and sunny, we’re ok with going to work.  But, I for one, am not there yet.  I wanna play outside!  So we made plans for a big bike ride!

About 8 of us met yesterday afternoon at Saratoga National Battlefield.  The battlefield has a 10.5 mile loop of road running through it.  What’s awesome is that the road is not open to traffic until April.  This means that we can do group rides without worrying about the cars.  And for anyone who has been there, you also know that the loop is rolling hills.  I remember finding this out painfully last fall when I decided it would be fun to do a 20 mile long run in a new place.  So it’s a great place to train.  The hills present a challenge, but there’s also some great flat sections and a few awesome downhills too. And the loops provide mileage options for the group.  Some folks did two loops (me, me) and some did three. 

The temperature was beautiful.  The sun was shining and it was gorgeous outside.  The scenery is also really nice along some of the route.  We stopped at a pretty hill-top with an amazing view and attempted to get a group shot.  Unfortunately, the kind gentleman who offered to help us out was unsure of how to work the camera and the sun was shining so strongly it was tough to tell if we got anything.  Of course we didn’t, so guys, we’ll have to do it again so we can get the pic this time. 

Hi Coach…. Whatcha looking for?

Anyway, I felt good.  Again, it’s a hilly course, but I felt a lot stronger this year than I did last year.  And I didn’t even want to throw my bike down a ravine at any point.  So that’s a huge improvement for me.  I’m hopeful that if I can keep at it I’ll just keep getting stronger.  And it’s a great excuse to get outdoors with a bunch of friends on a beautiful spring day.  Thanks peeps!!!!

Stopping for a regroup and a check in…..

What did you do this weekend?  Were you able to get out and enjoy the weather?

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