{Ambassador} Ragnar Nation!

I had the best time today and I must, must, must tell you why! Several months ago, the folks from Ragnar sent out an email to folks on their email list looking for ambassadors.  Ragnar ambassadors, essentially spread their love for Ragnar and help in answering people’s questions and promoting the upcoming relay races across the country. So in the email there was an application to complete.  I basically gushed over how much I loved my experience running Ragnar last year (I’m sure you remember…. here …. herehere … and here).  Anyway, long story short I was selected as one of the Ragnar Adirondacks ambassadors.  Woo hoo!

On Saturday we met up in our little group of four, along with the Ragnar Adirondack Race Director, Courtney.  We huddled for a little to discuss what it is to be a Ragnar ambassador, got some sweet business cards, a few bags and a bunch of postcards to hand out and then made our way over to the Saratoga City Center for the Adirondack Sports and Fitness Summer Expo.  Ragnar didn’t actually have a table at the event.  Rather we used it as an opportunity to talk to the different vendors, clubs, races, etc at the expo.  We let them know about the new location of Ragnar (um, hello Saratoga to Lake Placid … awesome), and to ask if we could possibly stop back into their locations or meet with their clubs to hand out information and answer any questions, etc for the local peeps.

After about an hour we had made contact with a lot of people and my total love of all things Ragnar was shining through again.  I so want to do this relay! For various reasons….. I’ll just give you 5 for today!

1 – The new course.  I mean, Saratoga to Lake Placid.  Ok, well I know it will be challenging, but how beautiful.  Oh and did I mention that the race takes place on September 28th and 29th…. Um, hello beautiful fall weather and scenery.

2 – It’s a relay.  Last year when I signed up for Ragnar, I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into, but having completed it once, I know how much fun I had and I want to do it again.  There is no better way to spend two days than cooped up in a van and out on the open road with 11 of your favorite running peeps.

3 – I’m itching to try the ultra option.  Yes, I know crazy.  Only 6 runners, so double the distance.  Nuts, but a real challenge that would definitely push me outside of my comfort zone.

4 – Eating awesome homemade goodies from team members out of the back of a van…… Nuff said.

5 – The memories….. Oh, I had forgotten all about our keys being locked in the van situation that arose last year.  I’ll never forget that.  And various other fiascos.  They’re what make the journey fun!

Ok, so that’s just a quick look at why I want to the do the relay this year.  Seriously people, it’s an experience, it’s not a race.  And every runner needs to give it a go! You can see all of the info about the race at www.ragnaradirondacks.com.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or you are welcome to email adirondacks@ragnarrelay.com.

So, who’s crazy enough to want to do an ultra with me?

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7 Responses to {Ambassador} Ragnar Nation!

  1. ajt518 says:

    Hi! I stumbled upon your blog a week ago and had clicked a link for a Ragnar video that you had posted on twitter… ever since that time I have been obsessing about the ADK race. Would love to talk to you regarding ideas of how to get a team together since you’ve been through this once before!

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