It’s Thursday and I’m {Thankful}

It’s Thursday morning and here’s what it finally looks like here in upstate NY. 

SNOW! Yes, I’m thankful for it.  I can’t believe that we had to wait until March 1st to see some snow!  And I have to say now, for the record that I like snow and that I wish I could go running.  Running and I are on a break…. again.  I refuse to talk about it but my foot is still bothering me.  But! I love running in the snow.  Today would have been a perfect morning to be out there running as the snow is coming down.  Everything looks so perfect and pristine.  I truly do love snow.  To me, it’s peaceful.  So no running, but I’ll enjoy looking at it for now.  And I’m thankful because C-man and I will get to play in it this weekend!!! Finally.

Not Drowning – Thanks to my coach, I am actually making myself head to the pool.  I know I’m training for a Half Ironman, but without a training plan from my coach, I know for a fact that I would be skipping those swims left and right.  I hate the pool.  I don’t despise swimming as much as I used to but I find the pool tedious and boring.  But with the help of a coach, I’m getting to the pool, I’m swimming longer and I’m not drowning! And as much as I don’t like going to the pool, I feel really accomplished after I finish a swim workout.  Probably because I just don’t like them! But I do like defeating them.  So big shout out to not drowning and my coach for making me do it!

Music – I know I’ve said it before a couple of different times and different ways, but man, do I love me some music.  I asked for new music last week.  A few folks helped me out and I randomly sought out some other stuff.  With our powers combined (yeah that’s Captain Planet), I have a new playlist that thus far is rockin’ and helping me get through my long sessions on the elliptical (reference injury above).  I will also openly admit that C and I have been rocking to some of the new tunes on our car rides.  We love to have dance parties in the car!

Moving Comfort – I placed an order last week and need I say…. well enough said. 

March – In like a lion (again, reference above picture), and out like a lamb.  Here’s to the lamb kids.  It’s time for spring to come now that we’ve had our snow storm.  Let’s do this and get the running, tri-ing season under way.  I’m STOKED!

I’m dying for a finish line. 

My Family – Last but definitely not least.  My family is awesome.  My grandpa has been in the hospital all week and we are still attempting to get answers on exactly what is going on with his health.  But for right now until we have answers, the one thing that I know is that my family is awesome.  We are rallying.  And we will be ok …. as long as we have each other. 

What are you thankful for this Thursday morning?  Is it snowing where you are? 

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