Getting through {On the Bright Side}

It’s one of those days.  The weather is overcast and rainy.  I haven’t had enough coffee yet today.  And I’d just rather be sleeping or going for a run.  However, my foot hurts so running is out and I have to work in a bit so going back to sleep is out as well.  So instead of moaping about, I’ll try to look on the bright side.  And here is what the bright side holds today. 

Shoes – Since my foot hurts and running is not in sight until at least this weekend, I decided to go crazy and wear non-sneakers, semi-girly shoes today.  Pretty!

George….. Oh my girl George.  I can’t even believe that my puppy will be 8 years old this year.  For the longest time she was a puppy, but it becomes more apparent all the time that she isn’t any more.  Now don’t get me wrong.  She loves to play still, but being the Mama’s girl that she is, she would love nothing more than to curl up at my feet (or in my lap if she’d fit) all day.  But what I’m happy about is that we have one another.  Always.  Through thick and thin we’re BFF’s. 

Awesome Socks – I got an email yesterday from one of my peeps with a tip on some cool “foxy” socks for an upcoming relay that I’m running.  Socks always make me smile. Especially when they’re awesome! I think it’s time for some new ones!

Coffee …. Anyone who knows me, knows that I don’t need to go into detail here.  But for me the existance of coffee is always on the bright side. 

Scarlett – I say this now, but I have several “long” rides scheduled for the two of us over the next several days, weeks, and months.  So let’s see if she remains on my bright side.  I may need to get her fitted with a new saddle for this to remain the case.  Any suggestions?

Peanut Butter Puffins – I continue to buy these boxes of crack every time I go to the grocery store.  I open them up almost immediately when I get home and proceed to eat non-stop until the box is devoured, typically in less than a day or two.  Nice work Fisker, nice work.  But seriously, peanut butter crack, just try them and you’ll see. 

Oh and Peanut Butter.  ‘Nuff said. 

My iPod – Well really, it’s my iPhone, but I don’t know what I would do without the endless supply of music.  I mean, it would be awesome of it had more storage capacity, but it doesn’t so I make do.  And I’m loving the genius feature.  Last night I was in a mood, pulled up a specific song.  After listening to it twice I hit the genius feature and sure enough that little genius was awesome enough to pull up a whole play list of awesomeness for me to croon to. 

C-Man………. He’s on vacation.  I miss him.  He’s having so much fun and I’m so happy for him, but I miss him.  Cutie, tootie.

I could keep going on my list about my bed, and all the food I bought last night (I love food!).  But I know after this little exercise that I’ve got good things and I do have a bright side. 

So with coffee, peanut butter and lots of schnackin’ on my side, I will get through this day and the next.  Running or not! Next up a trainer ride with Scarlett while catching up on The Voice.  What’s getting you through today?

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