{Two Things Tuesday} I’m totally hooked…and I did it!

My new favorite form of strength training has got to be rock climbing.  I went climbing again last night with lots of my training peeps.  However, it was a little different last night because it was ladies night at The Edge in Halfmoon, NY.  So it was just us ladies!

We had a blast! Most of us just needed a quick re-up on how to properly belay one another and the like.  We did have a few newbies who needed to get the low down on the whole deal.  But the staff does a fantastic job of showing newcomers what to do and making you feel confident.  So before you know it all 7 of us were off and climbing all over the place.  Being my third time climbing I could definitely tell that I was feeling much more confident.  I was able to climb some routes that I couldn’t before.

I also spent some time in the bouldering area.  I really haven’t bothered before because I was certain that I wasn’t strong enough and wouldn’t be able to do it.  Ha! Proved myself wrong last night.  While I can’t do some of the more difficult routes, I was able to manage a few of the easier ones.  What a great upper body work out.  I am definitely still feeling both of these efforts this morning and so are my fingers! But seriously, try it.  It’s fantastic strength training in a fun and friendly environment.

And for thing 2 today………

“Sarah Fisk is now Registered for 2012 Tupper Lake Tinman Triathlon.”

Straight from the horse’s mouth.  It’s done.  I’m committed now so there is no going back.  Here’s to it!

How’s your Tuesday?

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