Day One {Tinman Training}

Today is the first day.  Today I begin my twenty week training plan that will get me to the start and eventually the finish line for the Tinman 70.3 in Tupper Lake, NY.  I’m excited…. I’m nervous…. and I think, that I’m actually ready.  I am ready to give this my all.

I’ve got a plan, and a coach, and I’m ready.  I’m ready to actually follow a plan.  I haven’t really followed a plan since I trained for my first half-marathon with Team in Training.  Ever since then, I’ve sort of used plans, but I’ve mostly just gone out and done whatever I wanted to.  I have never, ever used a plan in triathlon.  I always joke that the only bricks I do are on race day.  It’s no joke.  That has been the truth, up until now.

So today, on the first day, I say that I am ready to train.  I will train my a@* off and see just what I can do.  Let’s do this!

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5 Responses to Day One {Tinman Training}

  1. DAY !!!! Good luck on your journey!!! In awe of you triathletes. Such commitment!!

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