I see a lot of bloggers post weekly about the things that they are thankful for.  I’ve held off on doing this because I’m not sure that I could do it that often.  However, in the last few weeks, I’ve realized that maybe this could be a way for me to be more cognizant of the good things that I have going for me and a way for me to be more appreciative of the awesomeness that I do have in my life.  In the end I’ve decided to give it a go, we’ll see if it lasts.

So on this cold day in February I am thankful for…………

The Sun… Ok, so we all gripe about winter, but it’s not all bad.  There is nothing like a ray of sunshine on a cold winter’s day.  Honestly, it makes me happy just looking out my front windows and seeing that the sun is shining.  Don’t get me wrong I love it in the summer too, so I guess I just love the sun, overall.  It still amazes me what a little sunshine can do for the soul.

My Sunshine, C-man – Really? Need I say more?  This kid can make me smile at the drop of a hat.  Period.  I’ve never felt love like this.

CSA’s – I just re-upped my CSA membership for this coming summer.  I get giddy just thinking about the vegetables that will be rolling into my kitchen in the coming months.  I welcome it all this year.  Even the crazy things like celeriac, rutabaga, and more.  I mean, how else would I have learned to make celery flavored french fries?

New Sneakers – I bailed on my old ones the other night.  I took myself to Fleet Feet and not only did I try on the new version of my usual sneakers, I ventured into trying on completely new ones. And that’s where I landed.  I found a pair of Brooks that were like walking on feathers.  I am in and maybe I am now a Brooks girl? Who knows.

Ice Cream Cake – Yeah, what? You know you love it too.  And yes, we bought one this week.   I couldn’t help myself.  I start training for my half iron on Monday.  It’s ok.  I needed to splurge.  I just love it…… And so does C…. Check the pics!

And lastly, this week’s long run.  Ok, I have a hard time calling a 6 mile run a long, run but when you went three weeks without running, 6 miles is indeed long.  I can say that it went very well with no pain.  I also didn’t feel like my fitness was attorcious as I have been.  I felt calm, cool and collected.  I definitely could have gone farther, but I didn’t as I knew I’d get myself into trouble.  I missed running.  This was great!!!

What are you thankful for today?

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