{Race Report} Disney Marathon

Okay, it’s been long enough in the making.  I’ll fill you in on the Disney marathon.  But it’s going to be via the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly………. Let’s do this.

The good:

  • Running any marathon with friends is worth it’s weight in gold.  I mean seriously. I need to remember this with someone.  Hey, you guys saw Elvis too right? 
  • Fireworks at the start of each corral.  Ah, magical, can I please say it again.  So cool.  
  • I felt really quite good through mile 22.  Ran most of the running parts at 10 min per mile and walked through the water stops.
  • Running the Disney marathon with friends.  I mean, when am I going to run Disney again?  I might, but stopping to check out characters, waiting in line to get pictures with characters.  There were moments where it truly was magical.  Just saying! 
  • Running through all of the parks. The parks great.  I mean, who doesn’t want to run through Cinderella’s castle.  But beyond that the people in the parks were awesome.  They had cowbells, they had smiles, they rocked that course.  I appreciate the parks so much.
  • The last big good is that I finished my second marathon.  I’m so proud of that.  Regardless of my time or how I felt, I finished.  I see this quote all the time and it’s all I think of.  “The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.”  It is incredible that I had the courage to start, but it’s also a small miracle that I perservere and finish.

The Bad:

  • We were running Disney.  So while it means running the parks, it also means running a lot of highways in between the parks.
  • Have you run a Disney race?  Do you know what time they start?  5:30 AM.  This means a 3 AM wake up call if you’re staying off site.  Can anyone say boo?
  • Miles 22-26.  I knew they were going to be the longest 4 before we even started them. I said it and I meant it.
  • Nutrition.  I didn’t have a good nutrition plan going in.  I took a gel that will go unnamed at mile 12 or 13 that made me want to vomit and thing went downhill from there.  Need to work on this for the future.

The Ugly.

  • The last 4 miles.  Did I mention that above?  My run and walk at the water stop plan fell apart.  I began walking a lot more.  I yelled at my friends.  I apologized later, but still.  I have to find a way to mentally make it through those last few miles.  It’s crucial.  It’s not that I couldn’t run any more.  I didn’t want to.  Need to fix this.
  • Ok, so not only were we running on highway, but there were on and off ramps.  Have you been on them?  They’re pitched.  That sucked.  Thanks Disney.
  • Oh and did I mention that I may now be suffering a stress fracture post marathon?  Yeah, good times.

Ok, I think that sums it up quickly.  I had a blast.  I would definitely say that I’m so glad that I’ve done it.  Will I do it again?  Maybe.  I mean, I wasn’t crazy enough to do the Goofy challenge and I may need to cross that off my bucket list some day.  But I had a blast.  And I enjoyed it all!  And for you, the rest of the pictures.

Yes, this is me, at the Castle!

And with Tigger!

And with my friends at the finish.  This picture is priceless.  If I could find a way to bottle this feeling and these smiles, I’d be a millionaire.

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3 Responses to {Race Report} Disney Marathon

  1. herrsolera says:

    Congratulations on finishing the second marathon. Though there’s nothing quite like the first run, the second one is also special because it’s no longer a bucket list thing — you wanted to do this again, you made yourself go through that ordeal one more time. And that’s pretty hardcore.

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