{Two Things Tuesday} – Progress

I swear my Disney marathon race report is coming.  It’s taking me longer than expected and I’m having all sorts of iPhoto issues, etc.  It’s coming….. promise! Until then you’ll have to make do with Two Things Tuesday. 

 Thing 1 – I’m officially cleaning up the food that I eat.  Last week in my goals for 2012 I talked a little bit about how I want to fuel better and get back to cooking my own food, etc.  Well, it’s too early to call it a success but after a giant grocery trip last week and a couple of hours spent cooking in the kitchen this week, I can report that I’m underway.  This weekend I began my adventure to eliminate a good deal of the meat that I eat from my diet and just in general eat healthier.  I stocked up on veggies, beans, protein powder, etc.  The items stocked in my refrigerator are impressive.  Over the weekend I made a batch of carrot spread, humus, fresh homemade whole wheat bread and chili non-carne.  Hopefully I can stick to this and all of the effort will pay off.  I’ll keep you posted!

Thing 2 – I also have officially started my quest to become a faster runner.  I’m only a little over a week out from the Disney marathon, so I’m still not putting in that many miles.  But! The other day when I was too chicken to head outdoors and brave the below 10 degree temps, I used the treadmill to my advantage.  I hopped on with the intention of a 6 mile run.  Miles 1 and 2 were done at my normal pace.  Mile 3 I picked it up by 20 sec per mile.  Then miles 4, 5, were done 30 sec faster per mile and then mile 6 was completed a full minute per mile faster than I normally run.  Now this isn’t ground breaking stuff here folks, but it’s a start for me.  Not only did I push myself out of my comfort zone, but I did so for an extended period of time.  I was pretty inspired when  I finished the workout.  I now believe that I can indeed do it, if I just try.  So next up, I’ll be formalizing the speed work with a smartcoach plan and getting to work on some of those goals!

Happy Tuesday to you.  What two things have you got going on today?

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