{Two Things Tuesday} Done with Disney & Speed!!

I am very behind in blogging, but for good reason.  I write en route back from Orlando, Florida.  So thing number one is that I did it.  I am officially a two-time marathoner.  I crossed the finish line of the Disney Marathon on Sunday morning before many people had showered, shaved and gotten ready for their day.  The race was a wonderful experience that I will remember for many, many years to come.  I promise a race report will follow in the next couple of days. I’ve wanted to run through Disney ever since I started training for my first marathon.  I’m so happy that I’ve now done it and that I persevered through another 26.2 miles.  The marathon is a distance that continues to garner my respect and admiration.  Just when I think I’m ready, it jumps up and reminds me that running that far is no joke.  And trust me, at mile 22 on Sunday, I remember just how far it is and just how much mental toughness it takes to get there.  But I did it.  So it’s in the bag and I’m very proud, happy and tired………. t.i.r.e.d.

And two….. Two today is that once I’m done recovering from this adventure in marathoning, it is time to work on getting faster.  I’ve said for months that I am really going to start speedwork.  Well, this time I mean it.  It’s time to get serious.  To find a plan for increasing speed and stick with it.  Taking that long to finish a marathon is getting old.  I mean, seriously, I am glad that I did it, glad that I finished, but now it’s time to work on not just finishing them, but finishing them faster, and stronger.  So starting next week, speed, speed, speed.  What do you have that’s worked for you in terms of getting faster?  Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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