{2012 Race Calendar} Laying it Out …. The First Half

Ok, I can’t commit to the entire race calendar for 2012 at this point, but I do need to start writing it out to some extent.  At least the big stuff.  As this way I will hold myself to it and I’ll start getting my act in gear on the training front.  So for now I’ll semi-commit myself here on the blog to the first six months of 2012.  Here goes……

That’s as far as I can go……… I can’t commit to anything beyond that and as you can see from some of the stuff above, I’m not fully committed to what’s here either.  Too many decisions, too many things still need to fall into place.  Once I get through Disney, I’m going to start setting out a training plan to accomplish the above races.  Mostly focused on completing a half iron distance.  Once I accomplish that, well, then we’ll see where I go!

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3 Responses to {2012 Race Calendar} Laying it Out …. The First Half

  1. That sounds like a busy, but fun schedule! I’m still trying to figure my races out too. I think I’ll probably end up doing things last minute b/c I just can’t commit to things right now!

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