{2011} A Year in Review …. The Pictures

After reviewing 2011 in posts here, I thought it would also be great to look back at the year in pictures.  Sit back with your coffee, relax and enjoy!

Winter Series 1/1/11 – Check it out…. warm enough for shorts!

Washington DC National Half 3/2011

DC National Half w/A-Sizzle

Miss Scarlett

The “Motley Misfits” Ragnar Ride

Ragnar Finish!

Vermonth City Finish

Getting ready for first sprint tri w/ my buddy C-man!

Transition area at Ironman Lake Placid

Lake George Olympic Triathlon

Saratoga Palio Half Marathon

Velo Watts

And there’s more! I could post pictures for hours.  But anyway, that’s a small glimpse into 2011 in pictures.  Pictures of racing, pictures of friends, and pictures of family…. just a different version of family!  Anyway, I hope you enjoyed, I know I did.  Up next will be what’s in store of 2012.  Just have to figure it out!

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