{2011} The Posts a Year in Review

This past year has been A. Maze. Ing.  I’m not exactly sure how to put such awesomeness into words.  But if you can hang with me, I’m going to give it a try.  For today, let’s just look at the year in posts.

In 2011 …………..

Wow!  When I started thinking about the year in review I didn’t realize just how much I have accomplished.  I can now see it in black and white.  And again, I just simply say Wow!  In truth I had forgotten about some of the things that are here. 

It has been truly awesome.  And while the races and events have been fantastic, what has been even better is the journey.  The journey that has led me from where I began to where I am today.  The training sessions, the miles logged, the venturing around with C-man, the plotting and scheming,  the laughs with good friends and so much more.  That’s what it’s really all about.  It’s about the journey and the journey has been incredible for 2011.  Thank you for reading along.  And I promise that this journey has only just begun so stay tuned!

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